What is a makesense volunteer?

A volunteer at makesense is an active citizen who organises events tackling issues that affect him / her. Being a volunteer at makesense allows you to:

  • – Meet other citizens who ask themselves the same questions as you.
    – Discover more projects in your city, your country or the world that provide solutions to today’s major challenges.
    Learn more about  the issues that move you.
    – Develop skills in different areas: event facilitation (communication, animation), postures and methodologies (non-violent communication, kindness, collective intelligence).

Volunteering at makesense starts with participating in events in your city on the social issues that affect you. It may be a local tour around the neighborhood to meet social initiatives around your home, a happy-hour to discuss a hot topic and understand what individual or collective action you can take, or a hold-up to help a social entrepreneur solve a challenge on his project.

Once you have experienced different types of events, you’ll be ready to organise your own events on topics that affect you. To do so, several tools and supports are available to you to guide you in this journey!

Once you have chosen the format that suits you best, you can follow an online training course. During this training, we answer all the questions you may have about the organization of your event: which issue should I choose? How to gather people for my event? How to facilitate the discussion?

After that, all you have to do is take the next step, organize your event, and enjoy it!

Joining makesense means joining a local community…

In about a hundred cities in the world, communities of makesense volunteers have formed: they are called hotspots. These communities bring together active citizens in each city who are asking the same questions and want to make things change locally.

For each existing community, a Facebook group exists that allows the community to meet, exchange and build projects together. And yes, when you bring together several citizens who want to act, quite often, that sparks a movement. Many communities are setting up collective projects to boost social entrepreneurship and civic engagement in their cities.

For example, some of them organise a Sensecamp, an event over an entire weekend with about a hundred participants to get inspired and take action. Communities are also shaping partnerships in their cities (schools, incubators, co-working spaces, town halls, etc.) to boost their impact.

… and an international community!

Since makesense beginnings in 2011 (no kidding!), everywhere in the world, makesense communities have grown. This has lead to the rise of an international community of committed citizens, who connect with each other. The makesense community was built on strong values that govern the interactions between members and the culture of the association.

This is why you can also find another group on Facebook: the makesense gang. A group that brings together active volunteers from all over the world, and through which they share experiences of makesense events in their city, advice on how to structure their community, contacts, recommendations… That allows to get connected to people all around the world, and maybe even meet them in real life if you happen to find yourself in the same city!

To represent the voice of this international community throughout the entire makesense organization, the Community Board was created. It is a committee of ten volunteers elected by the international community, which provides strategic recommendations to makesense employees and animates the international community.

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