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There two types of community programs: cause-centered programs, where you mix learning about a specific cause with taking action locally, and Hotspot-centered programs, where you grow or strengthen your Hotspot.

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_cause-centered programs

Energies for Climate is an international campaign aiming to accelerate the transition towards low-carbon and accessible energies for everyone.

Future of Waste is a global community of citizens, experts and social entrepreneurs passionate or curious about… waste! They aim to create circular solutions to better manage or transform waste.

Kicking Cancer mobilizes passionate and skilled citizens and stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem to create innovative and collective solutions to fight cancer.

_hotspot-centered programs

The Kickstarters program is designed to help you start a Hotspot in your city through online content, a Facebook group and monthly calls. It runs for 3 months, with a different general focus per month, and sub-focus per week.

The Coordinator program trains volunteers to collective leadership and Hotspot organizing for existing communities. During 3 months, participants evolve throughout 3 different modules focusing on themselves, their team and their activities, respectively.


Who can participate in these programs?


These programs are open to any makesense volunteer. The Kickstarter program is designed for volunteers who are willing to start a makesense community in their city. The Coordinator program is intended for volunteers seeking to develop a Hotspot that already exists.

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