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A creativity workshop is designed to build concrete solutions to the challenges social entrepreneurs face for their development. Originally, the idea was that volunteers, as real gangsters, would rob the ideas from citizens to give them to social entrepreneurs. This is why called this particular event a “hold-up”. This free workshop lasts one hour and a half and is accessible to anybody.

In order to solve these challenges, makesense developed an innovative methodology. Based on design thinking and collective intelligence, it comprises three steps: the inspiration, the brainstorming, and the construction of concrete and implementable solutions. In groups, participants go through each one of these steps with the help of a facilitator. Finally, they pitch their solution to the social entrepreneur. Following the hold-up, participants can form a “mini-gang” to implement the solution.

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How long does a hold-up last?


A hold-up lasts 2h30 on average. However, depending on the context, the duration of the workshop can vary between 2h and 3h.

I am already a volunteer. Where can I find the password to access all the manuals?


You can ask the Community Developer in your region for the password.


Volunteer since 2017 – Portugal

“Yesterday, we had a creativity workshop in a self-sufficient farm to help a project of compost with worms. Unique and incredible experience to brainstorm in the middle of nature!” 

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