A collective intelligence workshop to help a social entrepreneur solve a specific challenge hindering his/her development.

8-15 motivated people

A table and some post-its

2h30 – 3h

What a strange name!

The name “hold-up” was coined in 2010, at the very first workshop organized by makesense. The aim was to “steal” participants’ ideas (with their permission, of course) to benefit a social entrepreneur. Since then, more than 2,200 makesense hold-ups have been organized around the world.

Et depuis, ce sont plus de 2200 hold-up d’idées qui ont été organisés dans le monde.

A hold-up is a workshop of about 2 ½ to 3 hours. It is accessible to participants of varying educational and professional backgrounds. It is not necessary to be an expert on a subject or a type of challenge: everyone is welcome. It is the diversity of the participants that enables us to help an entrepreneur move forward with his or her project with social or environmental impact. It is thanks to collective intelligence and  exchanges that we are able to propose coherent solutions. As with other makesense events, this all takes place within a friendly, warm environment, which puts people at ease and encourages their active participation.

Why join the hold-up adventure?


Gather new ideas and perspectives on your project

Recharge your inspiration tank with the support and interest the mobilization around the project gathers

Bring greater visibility to your project

Connect with future users / contributors

Request a  hold-up

Discover and experiment with collective intelligence methods and tools

Connect with other citizens who share common views and interests

Have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping a social entrepreneur in a concrete way

Get inspired by shared ideas

Join the next hold-up

– Develop new skills that can be mobilized in a number of professional contexts

– Connect in an authentic way with an entrepreneur and with makesense members

– Become a gangster and join the makesense gang

Register for a  hold-up  training

How can I become a hold-up facilitator ?

How can my project benefit from a makesense hold-up?

Tools & Training

Tools are available to support organisers of hold-ups. Depending on the social entrepreneur’s challenge, there are many resources available to help you in the organization.

Each week, a training session is offered online, in the form of a video conference. It is a friendly and warm moment! This allows you to meet other future organizers. You can ask all your questions there! We exchange, we share our first little concerns before welcoming a group of participants… and we discover the advice of former organizers. The organizers are full of confidence and tips before the day!

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