A hotspot is a community of makesense volunteers in a city. Since makesense was created, more than 140 hotspots were created around the world by citizens.

They are organized via Facebook groups, which are places for sharing and exchange for anyone, whether a makesense volunteer or not, interested in social entrepreneurship, civic engagement, or a particular social or environmental cause.

Everyone is free to post on the group to ask for connection, recommendation, or share an event on SSE. And it is the citizens themselves who answer each other. Because makesense is also the magic of peer-to-peer!

How to create a hotspot ?

When a citizen (or several!) decides to launch makesense in their city, he or she creates a hotspot. The person follows the Kickstarter Program, a three-months program designed to equip the participants to launch the community in their city. Program participants learn more about the history of makesense, how to gather a community, and organize their first events. Participants from all over the world go online together to take this journey together and help each other!

The hotspot life : events

In their city, makesense volunteers animate the community by organizing events, each with a different format, objective and impact.

Whether it is to discuss an issue, take collective decisions or make individual commitments (happy-hours), take a tour of the neighborhood and discover local initiatives (local tour), help an entrepreneur solve a challenge (hold-up)… every volunteer who has received training can organize an event on a subject that personally affects him or her personally.

Other formats involve more volunteers in the preparation and organization of events. SenseFiction, for example, uses collective intelligence methodologies to enable anyone to launch an impact-driven project.

makesense room combines social impact and art: several speakers discuss a theme, and between these exchanges, artists perform live. Sensecamps are true moments of celebration of the community. They are a whole weekend with hundreds of participants to be inspired and take action: speakers come and pitch their project, participants can propose workshop topics, a local tour of the city can be organized… and a party in the evening is the perfect moment to celebrate the volunteers’ commitment!

The hotspot life : local communities

Quite often, a core team of volunteers is formed in the hotspots, with volunteers who are particularly involved in the to the life of the makesense community.

They reflect together on collective projects (e.g. Sensecamp), they define together a vision for the local community. They can share responsibilities to keep the community alive: welcoming new volunteers, communication, getting in contact with local partners. They then meet during sensedrinks to talk, exchange, help each other, and share collective projects for the local community.

Click on this map to find the Facebook group closest to your city, join it and feel free to say hello! The local hotspot will welcome you.

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