In 2010, Christian takes his backpack and flies to South-East Asia to meet social entrepreneurs. His mission: help the world understand the challenges they face and acknowledge how citizens, who want to contribute, can help them.

He asks Leila, who is blogging about social entrepreneurship, for recommendations on who he should absolutely meet. He finally interviews, records and posts videos with about 100 social entrepreneurs which allow viewers to experience their day-to-day life and challenges. The first version of makesense platform was born – in a fun, engaging, accessible way it presents social entrepreneurship. Yay!

How Christian met Leila

Travelling back, Christian and Leila meet in real life. One vision. Two convictions: 

First, social entrepreneurs are modern superheroes; they create solutions for today’s big social and environmental challenges. 

Then, citizens are motivated to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive world, and they are capable to support social entrepreneurs on their mission.

In other words, Christian and Leila are convinced that social entrepreneurship must be made accessible and visible, and that project leaders and individuals must be connected. This also requires the creation of digital tools and engagement formats that easily allow citizens and entrepreneurs to find solutions to today’s major challenges together. The vision of makesense is becoming more refined.

The hold-up was born ! 

At that time, the makesense online platform made the challenges of the social entrepreneurs visible and accessible, all around the world. But Leila and Christian want to go even further.

Mirroring their meeting, that happened first online and then in real life, they were convinced of the need to create engagement formats to connect entrepreneurs and citizens in real life. So they organise the very first makesense event: a hold-up.

A hold-up is a workshop gathering collective intelligence to help a social entrepreneur solve a challenge he or she faces. The format is engaging, fun, and above all, impactful: in two hours, citizens help an entrepreneur in a concrete way. The first hold-up is being filmed and broadcasted on social media with great success: hundreds of people around the world watch it. Dozens of volunteers then use the format of the event, and organise hold-ups in their own cities. These were the first steps of the makesense community.

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