A hub is a place where makesense employees are located. They are divided into geographical areas; usually there is at least one per continent.

Currently, there are 7 makesense hubs: France (opened in 2011), Senegal (2015), Mexico (2015), Lebanon (2016), Philippines (2017), Côte d’Ivoire (2017), Peru (2017). Some hubs have closed, such as Belgium (2013-2014) or India (2018).

In addition to hubs, there are hotspots (volunteer communities) in more than 40 countries. What a leverage effect!

What are the links between the hubs?

They are legally separate from each other, but all are bound by a licensing agreement with the makesense association (which is registered in France). On a daily basis, they are in operational contact with each other. makesense teams use different digital tools to promote collaboration and communication between hubs. We also meet every year at a major seminar and visit each other regularly between hubs.

Teams find a balance by organizing their own agenda, setting their priorities (remember: we are a liberated organization), and embracing the common vision, as shared by the makesense community. This is done in two ways: by offering similar or related programs and by helping each other on a daily basis.

The responsibilities of each hub include supporting the region’s volunteer community, contributing to global R&D, communicating its impact and, of course, being financially self-sufficient, even to the point of contributing to common support functions.

Do all hubs do the same thing?

Almost !

Among our 3 activities (communities of engagement; support for entrepreneurs; transformation of large organizations), some hubs have developed further on one or more of them, but all three are always present. These differences are due to specific local contexts and needs, team constellations or partnership opportunities. Strong collaboration between hubs allows everyone to quickly replicate or innovate based on the experience of others.

Who to contact in each hub ?

If there is no hub in a country, you can contact the hub on your continent, as it generally centralizes all the information you might need

You represent a company or an organization and wish to work with makesense?

You are a social entrepreneur and want to be supported by our community or join our programs?

Would you like to participate in one of our public events? In France, it all happens here. n the rest of the world, it’s here:

If you hesitate, go to At the top left you will find the page you are looking for.

For Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire and Africa:

Philippines :

Lebanon :

Mexico :

Peru :

What if I want to develop a new hub?

Please note that this is not our priority at the moment, but we are delighted to explore real opportunities as they arise. How do we define a good opportunity?

As a project leader, you have a deep knowledge of makesense.

You will also need comfortable and secure financing over a minimum of 18 months, for example through an initial investor or a pipeline of potential clients and partners with whom you are in contact and who are really ready to commit.

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