Welcome to the Kicking Cancer Program by makesense!

The goal of this 3-month program is to provide you will all the knowledge and the tools necessary for you to become an ambassador of the Kicking Cancer campaign and/or to develop your own Kicking Cancer community hotspot in your city. In particular, you will learn about the main issues related to cancer, you will explore the resources of the makesense community, and, finally, you will build an ecosystem of stakeholders involved in the fight against cancer by producing content and organizing events.

The program

MONTH 1 – Learning about the issue of cancer

W1 – Cancer: a public health issue and a journey for patients

W2 – Learn about the biological mechanisms of cancer and its treatments

W3 – Healthcare ecosystems: issues and inequalities worldwide

W4 – Make this subject yours and discover solutions to fight cancer

MONTH 2 – Getting to know MakeSense, through Kicking Cancer

W1 – A story of MakeSense and a story of Kicking Cancer

W2 – The strength of the community to fight for a cause

W3 – MakeSense events and Kicking Cancer events

W4 – How to organize a SenseDrink, a Hold-Up ?

MONTH 3 – Build your own local Kicking Cancer community or become and ambassador

W1 – How to source projects?

W2 – Build your own community

W3 – How to create content and events?

W4 – Let’s tackle cancer issues!

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