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The volunteers of makesense are present in more than 100 cities across the globe. These local communities are initiated and run by… volunteers! We call them “Hotspots“.

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Explore the map below to find a Hotspot in your city and get in touch with volunteers!

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If there isn’t any Hotspot near the place where you live, you can learn how to start it yourself thanks to the Kickstarter program, an online training to create a local community in your city.


What’s the différence between a Hotspot and a hub?


In makesense lingo, a Hotspot is a community chapter fully run by volunteers. Hotspots put on regular free and open events but don’t have business activities. A hub is a place where we have a team of full-time employees. This typically includes both a Community Support team or person as well as business activities. makesense has a “hub,” or office in 7 cities: Paris, Lima, Mexico City, Beirut, Dakar, Abidjan, and Manila. 

Can we earn money for our Hotspot?


Other than certain exceptions (such as cost-intensive events such as makesense camps), all events put on by a Hotspot should be free and open for all. Most Hotspots are able to operate at a near-zero cost thanks to partnerships and creativity. Regarding venues, for example, we look for coworking spaces excited to share their space for events in return for the visibility they receive. Alternately, you can organize events in cafes or bars where each participant can buy their own drink. Plenty of events are held in parks or other public spaces, too! As for food and drinks, there might be no need to provide any food or drinks, other than water. If you would like to have them available, those participants who want can purchase their own at cafes or you can invite (cool, locally-sourced, ethical) vendors to sell at an event. Feel free to host a picnic where each person brings a little something. For a Hold-Up, the social entrepreneur frequently brings snacks as a way to thank everyone for their time!

If you’re feeling stuck with any topic related to your Hotspot financing, reach out to your Community Developer so she/he can help you find a solution.

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