Do you want to create connections locally? Discover impactful initiatives?

This summer, organise a local tour and bring light to solutions with real impact in your neighbourhood. Get to know other local residents along the way and discover responsible modes of consumption together! We all have a role to play in creating change. Local tours are a great way to get started!

Or goal : for the community to organise 20 tours this summer.

What is the impact of a local tour?

Discover businesses with positive impact

Create relationships between residents and entrepreneurs in your neighborhoods

Promote responsible initiatives and projects

Understand and discover more responsible and sustainable modes of consumption

But what does it consist of, really?

How can I organize a local tour?

Between July 1st to 1st August, you are invited to participate in this global initiative to bring great projects and initiatives from your neighborhood to light. Here are the general steps to follow to organise a local tour in your city.

Ready to take on the challenge? You have 3 options:

Upcoming tours

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