A makesense camp is an international meeting that gathers the members of the makesense community as well as anyone who wants to make a difference thanks to social entrepreneurship. It creates an inspiring and creative environment for all participants.

This event is organised around moments of meaningful interactions as well as co-creation and action around concrete projects. It blurs the traditional notions of speakers and listeners and creates a highly interactive experience of shared learning and development. It is developed collaboratively to utilize the skills and the know-how of the community and to meet the needs and interests of all participants.

_Our stories

Lebanon 2018

Amsterdam 2017

Lisbon 2017

Berlin 2016

Lisbon 2016

Sao Paulo 2016

Kuala Lumpur 2012

Brussels 2015

Berlin 2015

Berlin 2015

Paris 2015

Mexico 2014

London 2014

Berlin 2014

London 2013

Berlin 2013


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You can ask the Community Developer in your region for the password.

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