In small groups you get to explore a topic that is important to you, discover through the happy-hour card game how to easily take action, and start to get things moving in your neighbourhood!

6-8 participants

At home, in a bar/park

2 hours approx.

The happy-hour is a turnkey format, accessible to all. It lasts about 2 hours and allows you to easily and quickly take action on the subject of your choice. It is also the easiest format to organize: In a friendly setting, it brings together a small group of 6 to 10 people. Waste, sexism at work, energy transition, growing old, responsible consumption… all subjects to explore!

In this discussion, you don’t need to be a specialist or an expert, having an interest in the subject is enough. Together, the participants will ask themselves questions and question their role in the theme and identify paths to action. This format is a great opportunity to meet people outside your everyday life.

And all of that in a warm and caring atmosphere! The happy-hour focuses on listening and sharing. Everyone can feel free to ask questions and express their own paradoxes.

The three phases of the happy-hour


This phase allows you to explore all aspects of the subject and ask all your questions. It is also an opportunity for participants to share their interest in the subject. Any anecdote or personal experience is welcome! It is a special moment where everyone can express what makes them feel angry or upset about the subject. Or what he would like to see change!

For example: Mary participates in an happy-hour on the theme of biodiversity. She remembers the classes she was in when she was in high school. She talks about bird watching sessions or the different leaves and plants collected to form herbaria.

n this phase, participants talk about social enterprises or associations they know. The spotlights are on all structures that act to solve problems related to the subject of the happy-hour!  It can also be applications, tools, websites… This is also an ideal time to introduce other members of the group to inspiring content: books, podcasts, or even documentaries related to the subject…. We can often be surprised by how much more we know than we might think. 

Example: During a happy-hour on food waste, Lucien describes his experience with a new application he tried the day before. It allowed him to collect unsold food from the shopkeepers in his neighbourhood.

After having studied the subject and its role as an individual or as a group, everyone is invited to think about how they can act. We can then decide on a small step, on our own scale, to engage on the subject. This first small step can be easily implemented, often already the next day! As a group, we can also think about collective action.

Elena’s at a happy-hour on hyperconnectivity. She decides individually not to turn on any screens on sundays. With all the other participants, they want to get together one month after their happy-hour to act. Together they will make a silent one-day retreat in the nearest forest. And they decided to write an article on Medium to share their different experiences.

Shifting the lines
Because it is an opportunity to create a special space for discussion around a current topic that touches you and to understand how to take action. Each happy-hour represents one more commitment to shifting the lines. With several hundred organisers like you, it is the entire face of a city that can be changed!

Join an incredible community !
By becoming an organizer, you join a community of 30,000 gangsters around the world. Like you, they decided to go for it, step by step by step by step.

No need to be an expert
It’s very easy to become an organizer. An idea of the subject and a date in mind are enough. You create your happy-hour on and go! Your role is to ensure the kind and friendly setting of the happy-hour. And to make everyone feel comfortable. With all the happy-hours that have been organized, the other members of the community have many tips to share with you today!

Tools &

Tools are available in the organizer’s box to support the organizers of happy-hours step by step. Included are a guide and a set of printable cards to stimulate the discussion.

Each week, an online training session is offered, in the form of a video conference. It is a moment as friendly and warm as the happy-hour! This allows you to meet other future organizers and to ask all of your questions. We exchange, we share our first little concerns before welcoming a group of participants… and we discover the advice of former organizers. The organizers are full of confidence and tips before the day of your happy-hour!

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