A makesense tour is a trip where a member of the community travels around the world to meet social entrepreneurs. The aim is to identify projects with a positive social or environmental impact and to help them grow using makesense tools and network. This support takes place in the long run, even after the trip thanks to the various hotspots, the local divisions of the community in cities all around the world.

Anyone who is willing to embark on this journey can ask the makesense community for support. You will benefit from our tools and from the help of volunteers in more than 100 cities across the globe. We can also put you in contact with social entrepreneurs that you can meet along the way.

_Our stories

Claire&Maud: Food in India (FR)

Seedtour (FR & ES)

Claire&Maud: Food in India (FR)

Bruno : Le Petit Chef (FR)

Nomades des mers (FR)

Eur'hope (FR)

And many more…


Green SenseTour by Joris

Food SenseTour by Bruno

Women SenseTour by Sarah

Asia SenseTour by Lou


Food SenseTour America del Sur – by Marion & ?

Refugee SenseTour – by Daniel


Rural SenseTour – by Anaïs

Black Sheepby Fanny and Louise

Entrepreneur’Her Tourby Sonia and Victoria

Eur’Hope SenseTour by Astrid, Alexandre and Margaux

Food SenseTour West Africa by Vicy and Mamba

Food SenseTour India by Maud and Claire


SenseTour Lebanon by Nourhan

Belgium SenseTour by Céline

The Gold Digger Project by Radhia

SeedTour by Auriane

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