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Community Developers are members of the makesense team in charge of supporting the volunteers in a specific region. Whether you have difficulties reaching out to the local chapter in your city or whether there isn’t any local community near you, don’t hesitate to reach out to them!

_Latin America
(except Peru)


Based in Mexico City

Contact her at or on Facebook

_West Africa
(except Ivory Coast)


Based in Dakar

Contact him at or on Facebook

_The Middle East & North Africa (except Lebanon)


Based in Beirut

Contact her at or on Facebook

_The Philippines


Based in Manila

Contact her at or on Facebook



Based in Beirut

Contact her at or on Facebook



Based in Paris

Contact her at or on Facebook

(except The Philippines)


Based in New Delhi

Contact her at or on Facebook



Based in Lima

Contact her at or on Facebook

_Ivory Coast


Based in Abidjan

Contact her at or on Facebook

_France (Nantes, Lille, Rennes)


Based in Paris

Contact him at or on Facebook

_France (Rouen, Marseille, Lyon, Grenoble)


Based in Paris

Contact her at or on Facebook

_France (Paris, Strasbourg, Montpellier)


Based in Paris

Contact him at or on Facebook

_France (Toulouse, Bordeaux, Limoge)


Based in Paris

Contact her at or on Facebook

Use the graphic and digital tools to create the perfect event cover photo or to access a full color palette of cool beans.

Find out of how to communicate about your events in the communication toolkits and let the world see the power of your community!

_graphic resources

Our lovely blue heads are gone. A warm welcome to our cool beans.
Here is the rebranding toolkit with graphic assets

_communication resources

_Digital resources

  • Work in progress.

They have been part of our Community Development team and paved the way for us all. THANK YOU

Krish, First makesense Community Developer

Julie, Future of Waste Community Developer 201?

Chloé, Europe Community Developer & Global Community Development Coordinator 2013 – 2016

Lorena, Community Developer LATAM 201? – 2016

Mathilde, Community Booster Marseille, France, 2015-2016

Marie-Astrid, Community Booster Lyon, France, 2015-2016

William, Community Booster Nantes, France, 2015-2016

Camille, Community Booster Paris, France, 2015-2016

Anaïs, Community Booster Toulouse, France, 2015-2016

Sophie, Community Booster Bordeaux, France, 2015-2016

Ana-Laura, Community Developer LATAM, 2016

Sami, Community Booster Paris, France, 2016-2017

Anne, Community Booster Lille, France, 2016-2017

Célie, Community Booster Clermont, France, 2016-2017

Olympe, Community Booster Strasbourg, France, 2016-2017

Violette, Future of Waste Community Developer 2016-2017

Lucy, Europe Community Developer, 2016-2017

Ben, Communication Guru 2015-2017

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