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Here you will find all the tools you need to organize your events. Resources are classified by format. If you have ideas, feedback, or have created your own tools,
tell us about it here !


You will find here many documents allowing you to organize your own hold-up. The framing section will allow you to prepare your hold-up beforehand. Through the facilitation section, you will learn the techniques to lead your group during the event.
Feel free to consult the manual containing the essentials for a successful hold-up!

Table of contents

A document to quickly see what are the ressources available.
Understanding all the folders below !

Intro kits (to read before organizing any hold-up)

Understanding the hold-up workshops
Sheet #1 to understand the purpose and operation of the workshops

Organizing and preparing a hold-up workshop
Sheet #2 to be accompanied in the preparation of your hold-up.

Facilitating the steps of a hold-up
Sheet #3 to be guided in facilitating a hold-up.

Kits hold-up (naming, community, feedback)

Hold-up naming : find a name for a project
The kit to use when you need to find a name for a project!

Hold-up Feedback : have some perspective on your project
The kit to use to help an entrepreneur receive feedback on his project.

Hold-up Community #1 : define the foundations of the community
The kit to use to help an entrepreneur in his first steps towards creating a community.

Hold-up Community #2 : clarify the functioning of the community
The kit to use to help an entrepreneur run his community.

Hold-up poster

Rules of the hold-up
To be printed and displayed in the room where the hold-up takes place.


You will find here the toolkit allowing you to organize happy-hours.
Inside these, you will find all the information you need to have a good time!

The happy-hour box.
All you need to organize your own happy-hour !

Local tour

Here you will find various tools and guides to help you organize a local tour. You will find the manual which takes you step by step through the organization of a local tour. You will also find communication tools to promote your event. Finally, you will also have access to a map of all the places where the previous tours took place!

The local tour box.
Discover a practical toolkit to guide you during the organization of your local tour.


You will find here the toolkit to organize a Sensefiction during Worldwide Sensefiction Day!

Worldwide Sensefiction Day
All you need to organize your Sensefiction.

makesense room

Here you will find two tools to help you organize your own makesense room. A manual will guide you through the organization, and our communication tools will help you for your event!


Manual for makesense room.
The manual to organize a makesense room !

Communication tools

Template cover makesense room.
A template to get a cover for your makesense room !

Communication tools

Here you will find all the different tools to communicate on behalf of makesense.
You will find templates, presentation guides and other elements.


Template Folder.
Get all the templates here.


Pictures folder.
Get all the pictures here !


Avatar folder.
How to create your own makesense avatar


Brand video.
To easily talk about makesense.


Creating a hotspot FB group.
How to create your own hotspot Facebook group

Creating a Facebook event.
How to create a good event on Facebook

Livening up a Facebook event.
Small tips to have a living Facebook event

Communicating on the social media.
How to communicate on the social media

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