A social project creation workshop gathers citizens and entrepreneurs during three hours up to two days to solve a social or environmental challenge. Based on Muhammad Yunus’s plea for “social fictions”, the idea was to enable anyone to imagine brighter futures for tomorrow. This is why this particular event was originally called a “sensefiction”.

This workshop is based on innovative methodologies of creativity and collective intelligence designed to enable anyone to create a project in one day. In groups, participants go through four steps with the support of mentors and facilitators to turn their idea into a social business: the inspiration, the problem analysis, the brainstorming and the construction of concrete and implementable solutions. Finally, each group pitches its project on stage.


« I loved the sensefiction Day. Thanks to the makesense methodology,
my social project is evolving today… at lightening speed!

“I participated in your social project creation workshop 3 years ago. I was helping someone designing her idea of social startup. It really helped me go where I am today. The methodology and the process of your workshop really helped me launched my social enterprise.
It really had a huge  impact on me”

“I wanted to thank you for triggering my interest in social entrepreneurship at the 2018 Paris sensefiction Day. Meanwhile, I found a partner; we are creating a B2B service of returnable transport packaging for take-away. We are currently prototyping it, and we will launch a test in October 2018.”

“A huge thank you! An incredible week with very inspiring speeches and discussions, interesting and relevant workshops, a tip-top organization, and an amazing atmosphere!”


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You can ask the Community Developer in your region for the password.

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